Daily Highlights

Share successes and highlights in your company’s network. Our Daily Highlights App not only boosts your employees’ motivation and performance, it also makes a significant contribution to your company culture, inspiring your employees by increasing communication and positive feedback, and helping to shape your company’s identity. The most important factor in sustainable success are people who do the right thing. One important step in that regard is our Rhythmix program, which focuses both on the right choice of tools and on targeted processes of change for your employees and your organization. Organizational enablement and employee empowerment — so you not only work more efficiently, but promote and make use of your richest source of potential: your employees.

Here are the functions that Daily has to offer:

Success is contagious! — Share your highlights
Share your personal daily highlights quickly and easily. Enjoy learning about your co-workers’ successes. Let pictures do the talking. Sharing highlights with co-workers is a great way to keep them informed while motivating and even inspiring them! Applaud a highlight by swiping right, or post your own highlight and thank your colleagues. It’s a perfect way to show your appreciation.

Learn more! Information as a living part of company culture
Stay up-to-date on what’s going on. Find out what’s new in your company in just one minute a day. As your information network, Daily delivers information about your company that you wouldn’t otherwise find through email or the intranet. And as a bonus, your employees become more networked. Acquire a whole new perspective on your company, and become a part of it!

Set high standards and show your appreciation! Employees will love it. Guaranteed.
Applaud highlights, thank your colleagues and show your appreciation to others. Watch as your culture comes to life and evolves. Daily makes it easy.

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